So that you may see...So that you may know...

So that you may trust...So that you may be...

Who you truly are 

This is the message that brought Bennu to life.

What started out as a personal adventure from childhood,

has grown into a passion to share with all who wish to rediscover their pure essence. 

Claudia d'Haens 

Her awareness of the different frequencies and beings within existence, gives her a multidimensional approach to life. As a medium between dimensions she guides you from a Soul to Soul perspective.

Described as "an old cosmic soul" she devotes herself to hold the space for a harmonious and balanced way of being. Inviting you to open your heart and connect with your sacred self through: meditation, healing, initiation and ritual. 

She loves to work with light-energy instruments in an intuitive way such as: crystals (skulls), ascension tools, shamanic power objects, music instruments, card oracles, archetypical gods/goddesses etc. 

Having an intuitive, playful approach helps you to open your heart and reconnect with your true essence. 

Didier d'Haens

His understanding of the energy codes of your life assist you to understand who you are and how you function. He helps you gain insight into how you have become conditioned, what roles you have taken on in life and why certain things keep reappearing over and over again. Learn how you can make choices that empower who you truly are. Being a gifted person himself, he guides you from his own experience and insight that he gained on his journey of self-discovery. 

He loves to work with systems like Tzolkin and Human Design that calibrate your soul, heart and mind towards your original state of being. 

His expertise is to guide people with an overactive mind who wish to rediscover their true selves.