Claudia Maria.

From early childhood it was possible for me to perceive and work with other energies and astral beings. I recognized this energetic world as my true home and experienced that everything was connected as one big manifestation of awareness. The earthly life I found challenging to say the least. Within the years of adolesance I learned to appreciate my life as a big adventure and opportunity to learn and grow as personal level. It became my wish to help others learn and grow as well! It became my wish that everyone could feel the beautiful connection with their multidimensional existence, that they could connect with it and through it wat their true Self. I wanted to be of service, from my Soul to your Soul. This is the foundation for Bennu today. 


Without really wanting to realize and accept it myself, I have always felt differently. For most of my life I have tried in vain to "fit in". With a few necessary pushes, I started my path of awareness and personal development. From the moment I began to work with the astrological knowledge of the Mayan and Tzolkin calendar I found my place in the world. Through the Tzolkin and other systems I got to know myself better and I could explain exactly why something happened in my life. My development towards the balance between heart and mind has brought me a lot. It became my passion to assist others on their journey to get to know themselves has only increased