Let us introduce you to the magical carvings

from a master carver, creating blessings out of crystals. 

He is a dear friend of ours, devoted to bring blessings for wellbeing, kindness and compassion into the hearts of mankind. The purity of these intentions can be felt in each piece as it is crafted by hand, guided by intuition. The inspiration for his work comes from Buddhism and Taoism. 

The Dragons, Phoenixes, Deities, Skulls and other carvings, come to life and bring blessings for you to enjoy. 

If you wish to get to know these unique crystal friends, you are very welcome to come by and experience them for yourself in a meditation, healing or crystal grid. 

Here you can find more of his work and purchase a crystal blessing for yourself 🙏🏻

When you find the webshop a bit complicated you can ask us for assistance, or we can order it for you.