The true power of Anointment

Anointment is a beautiful ritual with a profound meaning. Over the years, the true meaning has often been lost.

One of the most important forms of anointment is the personal form that was very common in ancient times. Embrace the Light within yourself every day and embrace the world.

Sacred anointing means that you wish to make something shine, that you acknowledge its Light. It is a prophetic act by which you empower the Light in something or someone.

There was a time when it was self-evident to recognize and empower the Light within oneself. People anointed themselves every morning by taking a little committed oil in their hands and rubbing the face with it. In doing so, they had the intention that although the Light that lived in them was powerfully present and that it could radiate to the outside world.

When one did not anoint themselves, it was a sign that something was not right in their lives, the Light was missing at that moment and one was in a period of darkness.

When one was anointed by someone else, the purpose was to heal, to liberate, to restore, and to acknowledge the Light. This was done from the pure belief that the Light and Wholeness is always energetically present and can be restored in matter. By physically expressing this truth on an energetic level, it could manifest itself in physical existence. That is the power of faith, devotion, cooperation with the Source/God and the knowledge of the creative force that wishes to flow through a pure instrument.

Gradually, the personal use of anointment within religion has faded into the background or was even banned. Some religions still have anointment rituals , but the use is far from its origin. For example, the anointment to prepare a person for the moment of death.

Anointing also carries a beautiful symbolism in terms of the acceptance of the Light. Very appropriate in these times of transformation in which everything has to show itself within higher frequencies of existence, including our own humanity. When we are near a bright Light or evoke the Light within ourselves, we come face to face with everything that is still dark/unconscious. This can be a frightening and painful experience.

In the past, during the daily ritual of bringing the hands over the face with oil for anointment, that which is not of the Light is temporarily shielded in a period of awareness, purification and forgiveness. When the face was anointed and the hands were removed from the face, one stood powerfully and could behold the true Light within oneself and outside oneself.