This is my first Star-family that I was allowed to draw. A strong frequency with whom I often have contact, to learn and come 'home' too. I deliberately don't mention a name, planet, universe or dimension. It just IS. It's feeling, experiencing, and remembering. 

The essence of our name Bennu. The Bennu/Benu bird, a guide of souls, rebirth, rejuvenation and creation. Thanks to the possibility of digital drawing I was finally able to capture it on paper. As the symbol for everything Bennu stands for. 

Everyone who knows me (Claudia), knows that I am an evening person. I greatly enjoy holding the space during my nightshifts. The frequency, the silence, the magic of the night. The mystery of darkness in al her aspects. The most full void you can experience, in the universe outside of you and the universe inside of yourself. The 'Divine feminine', shapeless, all encompassing. The Lady of the Night. 

Guinea pigs are messengers of social consciousness, communication and emotional depth. With their energy they increase awareness in each moment, like a magnifying glass. They assist us to view obstacles from different perspectives.

We have had the pleasure to experience this for several years. Our guinea pigs were mirrors for our personal development. As soon as a new one came into the group, it became clear which personal aspect needed a guide. This drawing depicts 'Rein'. He was in his lifetime, and still is, an important guide of Didier.