Gene Keys Guide

A Gene Keys Guide is there to help you contemplate and help you consider your life carefully. With a clear mind, an open heart and embodied presence, you will be guided through your transformation processes and come to a deeper understanding of yourself.

A Listening ear

When you wish for someone with an empathetic ear and understanding heart, just to talk it out or to have a discussion partner. Often a good conversation can give a lot of space and insight into your development.

Dialogue with your Pet

Pets are often much wiser than you think, and there is much more to them than meets the eye. Do you feel that something is off and can't put your finger on it yourself? You are welcome to come by with your pet.

A deep conversation is all I want from you.

I want the words you are afraid to say,

the lonely ones you keep hidden in between

the folds of your heart.

- Ava -