Sessie with Claudia

My connection with different frequencies of existence gives me a multidimensional approach. Questions and intentions for which you wish support are approached by me from a Soul-level. It is possible for me te work together with your own team of supporting entities. By tuning in to your frequency it becomes clear where blockages are present in your energy field and how I can assist you in remembering when and why these have  arisen. The most appropriate way to support you will become clear in that moment.

    Sessie with Didier

    My understanding of the multiple codings of your life assists you to understand who you are and how you function. This will help you become aware of how you have become conditioned, what roles you have taken on in life and why some things certain things keep reappearing. Learn how to manifest, so you can make choices that empower you. All this information can also be recorded for you in a personal profile. My method is very suitable for people who function from the mind and wish to develop their intuition. I assist you in a coaching manner. You can also approach me to work with the inner child and when you are in need an of an animal communicator.