"That you may See, that you may Know, that you may Trust, that you may Be.

That you may see who you are, that you may know why you are,

That you may trust yourself, that you may be who you are."

- Claudia d'Haens -


This message was the start. The start of an adventure through life, the inner-standing to who we really are. A journey that continues to surprise us all, where things grow and transform.

Where we look at our light and shadow in the mirror and experience harmony in our own balance. Where we are guided by the synchronicity of life and what we attract with our creation.

We experience all of it: joy, love, hope, magic, fear, pain and sorrow. We can deal with it as we like best, we are free... free to be ourselves. We are free to be aware, free to live and create in our own way, free to be who we are.

Here we encounter all aspects of ourselves: our heart with all the emotions, our head filled with thoughts, our belly with all the feelings. Maintaining balance, welcoming new consciousness, surrendering to change and trusting ourselves, our intuition, our soul and our knowing deep inside ourselves.

On this trip it is nice to meet each other, nice to inspire and support each other. Just because we are beautiful souls! Through trust, kindness and compassion we are able to give each other moments of strength, inspiration and healing.

"I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness,

the astonishing light of your own being."

- Hafiz -

When you have the feeling that we can be of service to you, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to be of service on a voluntary basis, you are and remain responsible for your own health, inner processes, your choices and their consequences. What we ask of you is that we receive this same trust and respect in return. As an exchange, we ask for a voluntary contribution as it feels appropriate for you.