Crystal Medicine Art   (English available)

Beautiful handmade crystal carvings that we have a great passion for. If you visit Bennu, you have undoubtedly seen them and heard us talk about them. Our heart-family, Kongtai, is the carver behind these powerful works of art with the intention of sharing wisdom, balance, well-being and happiness with the world from Buddhist and Taoist knowledge.

Visit our website by clicking on the image, where we will be happy to tell you more about these crystal carvings and our shared mission.

JOY   (English available)

JOY is a great initiative! Created by our heart-family, Mariëlle. She dreamed of a place where everyone can be themselves. She has manifested that place herself through JOY. You can go there to enjoy gatherings where everyone respects and embraces each other, simply because we are all beautiful people with our own story, our own experiences, and our own wisdom. Join the meetings in Mill or online, enjoy being busy in the garden with the animals, or participate in other activities.

Click on the image to visit JOY. There is a good chance that you will meet us at one of her meetings!

Masuwi   (Dutch only)

This is the practice of our heart-family, Caroline. She initiated us into Munay-ki and with that a special bond was created that will be there forever. You can come to her for Reiki, healing, energetic sessions, workshops, and she is a pure 'down to earth' medium. Honesty, feeling, respect, and privacy are of great importance to her. She is also a grief and loss counselor, but above all, a wonderful person with a golden heart. When we share we all become richer within ourselves, we have this vision in common.

Click on the image to visit her website.

De Bron van Licht   (Dutch only)

A spiritual center where we participate with great pleasure and have been able to grow and develop ourselves. Louis and Inge crossed our path and immediately became heart-family. You can find them at the spiritual fairs, they give consultations, courses, initiations, workshops and organize spiritual weekends in which we also participate with great pleasure. What we think of when we think of Louis and Inge: you are first and foremost a human being in this world, your person, your feelings, your experience. This forms your foundation in which you can love yourself and learn to listen to yourself.

Click on the image to visit their website.

Vredeslijn   (English available)

The peace network is the passion of our heart-family Rob. He felt himself being called to bring this energy further into the world, has traveled a lot to do so, and many more trips are on his wish list. He holds great expertise in the field of determining, protecting and purifying energy in various ways. He is also willing to assist those who approach him for advice.

You can also find him on his telegram channel: Groter Denken which is in Dutch. Here he invites you to think without limits.

Click on the image to visit his website.

AldezAldez   (Dutch only)

Navigating life through self-reflection. Digging into yourself and discovering new layers by writing down your experiences.

All the questions that arise: What lives in me, who am I and how can I free myself?

If this also seems valuable to you, let yourself be inspired by AldezAldez.

Click on the image to visit his website.