You are very welcome to meditate with us. These meditations have no fixed themes, topics or techniques. It's about heart-to-heart and, soul-to-soul connection. From this connection with each other, the guided meditation will present itself formed through the group energy. There is always a moment for collectively sending out our heart energy to ourselves, dear ones, all beings, creation.

This is a great opportunity to experience and purchase a crystal carving from Crystal Medicine Art.

Exchange is a voluntary contribution.

Register for participation, there is limited space. Location is Bennu, Helvoirt in the Netherlands. 

Date: Time:
27 Mei 2024 we start at 20:00 and we close at 22:00
24 Juni 2024 we start at 20:00 and we close at 22:00
22 Juli 2024 we start at 20:00 and we close at 22:00
19 Augustus 2024 we start at 20:00 and we close at 22:00

Crystal grid ceremony

A ceremony in which we will deepen our being, create, embrace and connect with each other. A crystal grid can be experienced in various ways, and a conscious intention can be given into it. For example, it can be left completely open and each participant participates from his or her personal intention for deepening their being and personal development. Then, through the group energy, a force field and portal will automatically arise that serves everyone's highest good at that moment. You can also choose to follow a specific intention, such as a blessing for Pachamama.

During these ceremonies there are always crystal carvings, and much more present, to build the grid together.

A beautiful experience that is different every time, because we connect from heart to heart, from soul to soul, and together we let what presents itself arise. Everyone is allowed to give and receive from their own intuition. If you want to recite a prayer, you can. If you want to sing, you do. If you have a personal item you wish to bring into the grid, place it there. If you just want to be quietly present and hold the sacred space, you do that.

A crystal grid ceremony is great to experience with a group of interested people. We are happy to come with our 'traveling temple' on location, and hold this ceremony in service to you. It is also possible for participants to purchase the crystal carvings from Crystal Medicine Art.

Please contact us to talk about the possibilities and appropriate exchange.

Upcoming crystal grid ceremonies:
22 May 2024 for a closed group gathering
23 May 2024 for a closed group gathering
6 July 2024 exclusively for Connecting Consiousness Members