Our Vision for Crystal Medicine Art

Our story on Earth is one of lifetimes of dedication into kindness, compassion, and wanting to do what is right for all living things. During our life on earth we encounter many challenges with all kinds of suffering. This allows us to remember who we truly are from our hearts and challenges us to give the best of ourselves to the world from our inner wisdom.

The core of our strength and faith lies in kindness, compassion and the desire for the well-being of ourselves, others and all living beings. When we remember ourselves and allow ourselves to embrace these qualities from our hearts, bringing them together with the wisdom of our awareness, this allows us to create beautiful things within creation.

Mankind forms the sacred connection within heaven and earth. We are able to manifest our own destiny in life and thereby contribute to the collective experience within creation. As we embrace our true nature we are invited to adventure into the balance of compassion, wisdom and awareness. We continue to grow and develop in the experience of our own truth and our unique perspective on reality.

Crystals can play a powerful role in this. They hold the energy for us. Their own energy that they have carried with them for thousands of years, as well as the energy that we ourselves can give into them.

This can bring us balance, provide healing, inspire and encourage growth and development.

Why crystal carvings

Crystalline energy carries the information of creation, of existence, of awareness. You can think of it as an antenna and computer that can conduct, receive, transmit and retain information.

Crystals are therefore true treasures of information and awareness about our existence, they carry with them all information about natural balance and harmony. In addition, they can also be programmed very well for special forms of consciousness.

Crystal carvings are a form of that programmed consciousness. We can use them to receive specific energy through the intention and knowledge put into it, through the power of the crystal itself and the symbolism given to it by its shape.

How it started

It is this adventure that has brought us together on a path of friendship and shared mission. We found each other through our passion for the power of crystal, compassion, wisdom and awareness.

As things happen 'by chance' when they are meant to be, our story started with an order for crystal sculptures that got lost in shipping from China to the Netherlands. The communication between the seller and the customer was so special that a friendship was formed through the care for the lost package and the shared interests.

The seller turned out to be the carver of the sculptures himself, Zhu Kongtai. For us in the west: Kongtai is the first name, Zhu the last name. His dedication to his art and kindness to his fellow man were so pure from the heart that he recreated the lost order no fewer than 5 times. Each time in an attempt to replace it exactly. Of course that is impossible, he creates everything guided by his intuition and from his heart, every piece is unique and cannot be replaced

When I (Claudia) found out that he had already tried this again 5 times I asked him if he would be kind enough to send me the piece he had last made so that I could accept it as a completed order. From that moment on, a friendship blossomed with a shared mission that led to the situation of today.

From the first moment I saw his sculptures I fell in love with his work. Not only because they are beautiful and unique in style, but even more so because of the power of compassion, wisdom and awareness that Kongtai brings to these sculptures with his entire being. Each piece of his collection is a treasure to connect with and embark on a journey towards remembrance and personal development. For me it was the recognition of the high knowledge with which I have been connected for many lives, it felt like a kind of coming home.

That you encounter someone in your life who carries exactly that frequency and knows how to bring it into his sculptures, that is a predestined miracle and the magic of life.

Shortly the sculptures will be available in our Etsy webshop.

We will keep you updated and share the link to the store here.

The power of crystal sculptures for healing, remembrance and awareness is something miraculous. We would like to share this with you too and give you the opportunity to experience this. We cordially invite you to view the collection and feel whether one of the sculptures connects with your heart. When we give meditations, work with force fields or crystal grids, there will always be sculptures present to carry the energy.
If you would like to experience a specific sculpture in peace, it is best to contact us.