To realize who you truly are and being able to express this in your unique way is the goal of every session. We are happy to assist you with awareness, coaching and healing for you inner journey. Examples for a session are changing harmful patterns, transforming energetic blockages and purifying negative frequencies in your energy field.

Energetic Profile

You will receive a detailed report of your personal codings, which come from the Tzolkin, Human Design and Gene Keys. This gives you a clear picture of your journey through life and why you experience things the way you do. The profile is a key to your personality and will be personally explained for you.


This is a reading from your Akashic Record. It offers insight into themes from past lives and old patterns that are currently important for your inner journey. It also tells you about the talents and shadows that belong to the original attunement of your Soul. When the information resonates with you and you can to start clearing the old frequencies form your Record with the 'homework' that will be provided with the reading. The reading can be personally explained for you.

"I just wanted to send you a message after last Monday, especially to say thank you so much for the wonderful experience.

It's an under statement to type like this, but I'm extremely happy and grateful that I was able to do this session for my birthday, and with everything that has come up."


“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness

the astonishing light of your own being.”

- Hafiz

"I read the reading on a bench in the woods. It went straight into my heart and being. I started to cry from deep recognition and truth. And sadness. A door opened. Many, many thanks! This Reading brings me something valuable: myself. I will continue to read the Reading many more times and let it sink in deeply. And getting started, feeling and nourishing my softness, intuition, which I long for." - Anneke